Life Extensions

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          The Life Extensions investment club seeks investment opportunities in cutting edge technologies, treatments and protocols designed around increasing well being and extending life both chronologically and in terms of quality of life.

          We believe that there are many companies currently exploring and commercializing treatments for anti-aging, including but not limited to, stem cell intervention, blood plasma transfusions, and micronutrient and biome testing and pre and pro-biotic supplementation.

                   Our desire to invest and advance the segment of life extension medicine is based somewhat exclusively on self interest and our own desire to identify treatments for our own personal use; we (the founders of the fund) are successful individuals who are dismayed with the seeming lack of medical treatments to improve quantity and quality of life.

          Our search for life extension treatments is our hedge against the belief that preventative medicine, exercise and a proper diet alone are the only available options to living longer and living better.

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